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Business Consulting

In our quest to contribute to the economic growth of South Africa, MMC offers the following services to its clients:


- Facilitate the development of enterprise development strategies and execution plans.

- Development and implementation of digital marketing strategy and online selling. 

- Design and development of processes and systems for the establishment of an enterprise development function.

- Implementation and training on enterprise development processes, procedures and systems.

- Provide business consulting services including coaching and mentoring to establish, expand and grow enterprises.

- Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the enterprise development function.

- Review (performance and compliance audit) and optimisation of the enterprise development function.

- Project and change management for the establishment of enterprise development within an organisation.


Our consulting methodology distinguished features:


Our methodology is based on a coherent set of designed principles, concepts and theories
It enables a particular challenge to be tackled in a structured and systematic fashion with a high probability of achieving particular beneficial outcomes
We propose to our clients profitability, more business achievements and quality improvement of their work
We figure out problems and provide bespoke solutions in a way that preserves our clients’ valuable time
Our consulting services are structured, flexible, customer focused, efficient, fast and cheap
Our methodology embraces analysis, action, transition and finally goals achievement